Black Friday 2021

Black Friday 2021 is almost here !! This year it falls on Friday 26th November. We would suggest saving that date, even bookmark this page if you have to, as this is where we’ll be adding some of our smashing deals. When we publish a new deal (that will go live on 26th) we’ll also post it to our instagram, facebook and twitter pages, so keep an eye out there too…

You’ll find links to our social media pages on our Contact Us page.

We’ll have offers on all our favourite brands and accessories, some of which include:

  • AutoInfuse
  • Gtechniq
  • Designer Fragrances
  • AutoGlym
  • MB14
  • Little Tree
  • Prosport

And a lot more…


The first of our Black Friday 2021 deals has been released.

This one we’re extremely excited about, seeing a massive 20% off across the entire Gtechniq range.

Everything from your GWash, Citrus Foam and Iron Fallout Remover, right up to and including G1 Glass Coating, EXOv4 and Crystal Serum Light (as well as everything in between).

We’ve never given so much off the Gtechniq range before (and as far as we know, no one else has either), so this is not one you want to miss. Gtechniq manufactures some of the best coatings and ceramics across the globe.

That’s going to save people some amount of money – stay tuned for more…

Designer Fragrances

A deal to make your car, van or home smell great this Christmas.

Can also be used as a stocking filler…

Blast Cans discounted down from the RRP of £5.99 per tin to just £3.50, that’s a great saving.

An even better saving is a case of 12 for only £36 – saving yourself a massive £35 per case, you won’t want to miss that will you ?


A brand that every household knows and loves, yes it’s the ever so popular AutoGlym range.

Great savings to be had across the entire range, each product will have it’s own discounted rate, so you can have a look at our online shop for more details, but trust us when we say, you won’t want to miss it.

Everything from Super Resin Polish, Intensive Tar Remover, Odour Eliminator and Clean Wheels, right through to the immensely popular Polar Blast Kits, Polar Blast, Polar Wash and Polar Seal.


15% off the RRP of all Prosport Coilover Kits, Lowering Springs and Additional Parts, i.e. shortened droplinks etc.

For all you car people that love riding low, this is a deal you won’t want to miss.

Unfortunately due to the array of parts available from Prosport we cannot add the discount to the website, so we have taken away the ability to buy Prosport from the website (for now).

We would ask that you send us a message on WhatsApp, or email, (see the Prosport section in the shop for more info) and we will get back to you, work out what you need, and get a price sorted.