About Us

Reformed Car Care Ltd is part of Reformed Group Limited.

We started out with 2 friends looking for a garage to work out of, one valeting, one mechanical repair. We started out small, servicing local customers, friends and family. We then started to received customers from neighbouring cities, then counties. We quickly became a full time operating business, as opposed to just a hobby.

With the quality of our work being so great, customers started to ask what products we used and where they could get them, just in case they wanted to “keep on top” of our already magnificent work. Some went ahead and bought the products, while some fed back that they were very expensive and it made more sense just to leave the car in, you know, for all they were going to use the products themselves.

That’s when the lightbulb appeared, why don’t we stock and sell everything we use, I mean people can already see the results on their own car, of course they’ll buy them, and we can make them cheaper than most other big outfits as we won’t be joining any franchises or buying groups.

So that’s exactly what we done, after months and months of phone calls, texts, emails, whatsapp messages and conference calls, we started to gain some very big names that wanted to sell through us, so of course we said yes. We very quickly became quite a large independent retailer.

We added some massive brands to our already growing list of car care products, so we took away our servicing bay and turned it into a full time shop. We then started to add some accessories, then more and more and more to our list, enabling customers to come to us and buy absolutely anything they needed without having to go anywhere else for a single thing.

Although we had an absolutely massive range available to both retail and now trade customers, we felt something was missing, we weren’t quite sure what it was, until one day it clicked, nothing was ours, we were buying products and accessories from major brands and selling them which was great, but nothing was ours, we were independent from the usual partnerships etc within the automotive industry, and that was great, but we were essentially just a shop.

So, we decided to make a change, we kept doing what we were doing, but we then developed and added our own brand of products (yes that was more months of phone calls, texts, emails, whatsapp messages and conference calls, but it was worth it)

Want to know more ? Why don’t you visit our brand website here. You can also buy our own brand in store, online and on the road.